Specific hookbait boilies, particularly resistant and with an enhanced attractive profile. ELT stands for Enhanced, Lighter, Tougher.
Cream8 Concentrated Bait Dip 175ml Cream8 Concentrated Bait Dip 175ml
Specific for baits, it differs from normal soakers because it comes in the form of a very dense gel that adheres tenaciously to each bait. Content: 175ml.
Plasma Squid Liquid Bait Booster Boilies & Pellet Plasma Squid Liquid Bait Booster Boilies & Pellet
A pungent aroma combined with a mixture of ‘salty’ flavours that has proved effective at incredible levels in all the waters where these baits have been used. Plasma Squid boilies are suitable for conditioning fish for long periods. A good content of high biological value proteins is useful to further condition the fish that will tend to remember and consequently stay on the bait for long periods. Content: 500ml.
SHM24TX High Modulus carbon blank, 1K – Low resin carbon wrap on the handle, 1K carbon machine cut reel seat, minima style guides (50mm shooting guide only in the 12ft 3.50lbs), SIC – anti frap tip guides, high density – heavy duty black EVA handles, progressive – fast action
Forge Kong Leadclip With Ring Forge Kong Leadclip With Ring
Forge Tackle EVA Classic Bag L FRG Camo Forge Tackle EVA Classic Bag L FRG Camo
Upgraded top with internal mesh pocket - Exclusive FRG CAMO pattern - Manufactured from 1mm thick EVA - Welded sections for a totally seamless and waterproof construction - 10mm heavy duty zipper - Reinforced webbing handles - Dimensions : W36cm H23cm D25cm
Forge Cube Ruckbag Forge Cube Ruckbag
Rucksack, carryall, barrow bag all in one - 
Removable, ultra-comfortable shoulder straps
 - Chest support strap
 - Waterproof, hard wearing bottom
 - Every part can be detached creating a set of 3 bags - 
Perfectly fit under your bedchair

Made with high carbon steel hooks - Designed for continental waters - TX coating, ultra long and sharp point, micro barb  - Slip-D - Massive increase of movement for the hookbait - 3pcs per pack - Hand made in Bled – Slovenia
Boilie throwing stick for long range fishing - Made using high modulus uni-directional carbon - 3K carbon wrap on the main stress point - 100+ meters range - Extremely accurate - Weight below 60g - Supplied with high quality neoprene protective sleeve - Bottom access for easy cleaning