Forge Tackle Rig Tool Forge Tackle Rig Tool
Knot puller

Coated rig braid stripper

Loop puller

Essential for Chod and Stiff rigs

Made in Aluminium – anodized

Greased Lightning – The Casting Advantage
The casting sensation - now at last you can hit those previously unreachable areas. Simply apply a few drops to your mono and let Greased Lightning instantly increase your distance. This remarkable blend of space age solutions guarantees to reduce drag and friction from your reel line and dramatically increase its abrasion resistance. Acts as an anti-freeze, during Artic conditions prevents ice beads forming on mono
Well’Ard - Leader Protection
Creates an anti-friction coating and boosts your leader-performance with incredible abrasion resistance and maximum protection against obstacles
Quick Silver Shock Leader
Legendary super tough shock leader / hook length.

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