Who We Are

We are a team of three passionate and dedicated professionals in the carp fishing industry, with a wide experience in every single aspect of this trade. Between the three of us we can sum up 45 years of experience ranging from the retail side to the industrial production of every single carp fishing related product. We are passionate about the product development as much as we are passionate about carp angling, we breath, talk, think carp fishing 24/7, so, the creation of this project was simply a natural step forward for us.

What We Do

Our aim is to provide a range of non no-sense product with the best possible balance between quality and price. We source and develop our own product only, keeping the trade chain very short : manufacturer – Forgetackledirect.com – end consumer. This, combined with our cost saving policy (no fancy but useless and expensive packaging, efficient warehouse and web platform) allow us to offer you probably the best value for money you can find around.