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Forge Bait Spoon


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Semi-transparent green color, reinforced thread, three sizes available, available with 3K Carbon handle or the spoon only, 3K Carbon handle length 26,5cm, drain holes in the size M and L, dimensions size S : W6,5cm H14cm D5cm, dimensions size M : W7,5cm H26,5cm D5,5cm, dimensions size L : W9,5cm H21cm D5cm.

This is one of the product we all use in many different situations, it is the perfect tool to bait up the margins, from the boat or to spread large amount of baits at medium range. The FORGE Bait Spoon is available in three different versions, just the spoon or spoon with 3K Carbon handle, and each one have a very specific use. The FORGE Bait Spoon S is the smallest of the family, and when used in connection with a long handle (i.e. with the FORGE Carbon Spoon & Net Handle) allow to reach distance of 40-50 meters with boilies, therefore allowing to bait large quantities with accuracy in a very short time. The Forge Bait Spoon S doesn’t have any drain holes so we suggest to use it with boilies or particles with no liquids. The Forge Bait Spoon M is probably the best compromise between large capacity and distance, the load capacity is nearly 3 times as the size S and it can be used also with soaked particles thanks to the drain holes. The Forge Bait Spoon L is the big boy of the family, it feature small drain holes as well and huge load capacity making it ideal for heavy baiting at short range or from the boat.

Semi-transparent green color

Reinforced thread

Three sizes available

Available with 3K Carbon handle or the spoon only

3K Carbon handle length 26,5cm

Drain holes in the size M and L

Dimensions size S : W6,5cm H14cm D5cm

Dimensions size M : W7,5cm H26,5cm D5,5cm

Dimensions size L : W9,5cm H21cm D5cm