Forge Carp Fishing Tackle Equipment Waterproof Stink Sleeve Carp Net

Forge Tackle Waterproof Stink Sleeve


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Heavy duty rip-stop PVC 500d Tarpaulin construction, roll-up watertight closure with buckle, internal dimension 135cm X 20cm, no spillage of stinky liquids, weight 270g, totally waterproof.

As carp anglers we all know very well what happen to our cars or in our garages when we leave around wet and stinky landing net, slings and sacks….nothing funny really !! The Forge Waterproof Stink Sleeve is made just for that, thanks to his generous dimensions it can accommodate any size of retainer sling, sacks or landing net head and thanks to the heavy duty PVC construction and watertight roll-up closure it keeps all the nasty smells and spills inside, thus saving you from discussion with your missus or neighbors.

Heavy duty rip-stop PVC 500D Tarpaulin construction

Roll-up watertight closure with buckle

Internal dimension 135cm X 20cm

No spillage of stinky liquids

Weight 270g

Totally waterproof