Magnet Cream8 Liquid Bait Booster Boilies & Pellet

Magnet Cream8 Liquid Bait Booster Boilies & Pellet


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A complex of sugars, amino acids, fat- and water-soluble vita-mins and highly flavoursome elements that offers fast and high appeal thanks to a constant dispersion over the entire water column (both vertically and horizontally). The concentrate gives a good taste to the baits and is also biologically balanced thanks to the high presence of amino acids. Content: 500ml.

Extremely fluid liquid, with high solubility to be completely absorbed by particularly hard baits such as boilies & pellets. Don’t be fooled by how fluid this liquid is, we have avoided us-ing thickeners and kept this attractor so fluid just to enable a better absorption in baits that would normally require much longer absorption times. The structure of the bait will act as a timer for the escape of the appealing substances. We recom-mend using 100 ml of Liquid Bait Booster for each Kilogram of bait that we want to wet, 12-24 hours before their use. In the production of home-made boilies, we recommend you use it as “liquid food”, in order to complete the attractive and nutritional aspect of boilies which have the aim of satisfying the needs of carps.

For the preparation of home-made boilies, we recommend us-ing it at a rate of 50 ml for each Kilogram of mix.