Magnet Plasma Squid Performance Feeding 2Kg Boilies

Magnet Plasma Squid Performance Feeding 2kg


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This bait is designed and created for major chumming in mo-ments of carp feeding frenzy, or to stimulate feeding in mo-ments of apathy. It may seem like a strange concept since these two situations are the opposite of each other, but thanks to the formulation and the mechanics that we were able to create, this highly soluble bait manages to keep the fish baiting for a long time without satiating it, giving us the possibility to con-stantly catch even when circumstances force us to put large quantities of bait in our spot.

At the same time, thanks to the high solubility that character-izes it, our Performance Feeding bait releases a considerable amount of natural attractors and amino acids that are dispersed throughout the water column, stimulating the olfactory recep-tors of the carp which will consequently be stimulated to feed. The boilies of the Performance Feeding line have an average protein value but a very high biological value; this means that it is simply impossible to over-chum with these baits, as once eaten they will be metabolised very quickly and without any effort, even at the lowest temperatures. Definitely the perfect bait for fast sessions where high attrac-tion is required immediately, and for this reason we recom-mend wetting the bait with our Liquid Activator Boilies & Pel-let at least 12 hours before fishing. This is a bait especially ‘loaded’ with soluble appealing sub-stances, however it guarantees a good hold on the rig for at least 6-12 hours. We recommend rigging our HOOKBAIT ELT boilies if you want to keep the bait in the water for longer pe-riods, or in the case of a high presence of nuisance fish and/or crayfish.