Magnet Plasma Squid Liquid Bait Booster Boilies & Pellet

Magnet Plasma Squid Liquid Bait Booster Boilies & Pellet


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A pungent aroma combined with a mixture of ‘salty’ flavours that has proved effective at incredible levels in all the waters where these baits have been used. Plasma Squid boilies are suitable for conditioning fish for long periods. A good content of high biological value proteins is useful to further condition the fish that will tend to remember and consequently stay on the bait for long periods. Content: 500ml.

Only a part of the nutrients is soluble to allow the carp to assimilate high values and thus also reducing waste. The addition of concentrated liquid food capable of providing amino acids and vitamins that complete the bait from a nutritional point of view is essential. The addition of our exclusive blend of extracts and flavourings gives the Plasma Squid baits an olfactory and gustatory note that is quite decisive and highly perceptible for carps. It’s a specific flavour enhancer for carps that allows to obtain a very marked gustatory effect but which never saturates the taste of fish, leading it to feed with great continuity. This is a bait especially ‘loaded’ with soluble appealing substances, however it guarantees a good hold on the rig for at least 12-16 hours.

We recommend rigging our HOOKBAIT ELT boilies if you want to keep the bait in the water for longer periods, or in the case of a high presence of nuisance fish and/or crayfish. Content: 500ml.