It is now a tradition for me, when the season is nearly over here in lake Bled (around the end of November) i normally pick up one spot and fish it till the season ends on December 31st. I love this season, yes it can be freaking cold down here, but other than that it’s probably the most enjoyable time of the year to fish Bled : very few anglers around and not too many tourist walking over your gear. And anyway, my sessions are never longer than 8 hours in this period so it’s not a big problem to deal with freezing temperatures. To keep the spot “alive and kicking” i normally fish every second day so i have baits constantly on the swim, mostly crushed boilies, particles and feed pellets in this time of the year combined with a small amount of boilies in mixed sizes.

December 4th 2018 and i was into the 4th session in my winter spot, during the 3 previous sessions i only caught a small common and a nice mirror, nothing really exciting but i decided to keep feeding and fishing that spot. It was a pretty warm and cloudy late afternoon when a “bream style” take happened on my right rod, as soon i picked up the rod i realized it was something serious instead, that fish must have pulled more than 50 meters of line on the first run and i couldn’t do nothing….my knees was shaking ! After a fierce fight a massive mirror was resting in my net, happy days!! Few minutes later with the help of Anze, a fellow carp angler who was just arrived at the lake i found out that was the biggest fish of the year for me, 26,3Kg (58lb 4Oz) of fat, two-tone mirror carp.

No need to say i was over the moon. Who in this world would have imagined that 4 days later, 6:30PM of December the 8th 2018 exactly on the same spot, but with the left rod this time i would have improved my personal best that was left untouched for 17 years !!

Big thanks to my good friend Ales for jumping out of the shower and drive to the lake to help me out with pictures.

I was still buzzing for the fish caught 4 days earlier and now i have my new pb on the net at 31,4Kg (69lb 7Oz), what a feeling…the 12mm pop up on a size 8 longshank hook did a great job this time.

By Enrico Parmeggiani