I’m not a big fan of football, but i do know what a golden goal is. Scoring a golden goal must be one of the most intense emotions for a football player, in a blink of an eye a very uncertain situations turn into joy and satisfaction and all the efforts and dark thought just disappear….I think quite a few of us have had the same feeling at least once while fishing.

All looks right, and you are so confident that a 5 ton barrow glide on the path to the lake with no effort, weather is spot on, fish are showing and not a single carp angler other than you around the lake.

But after one night the alarms are still silent, and you start to feel under pressure, few hours left before you have to leave and you just don’t want to add another blank to your collection.
The night is gone, the sunrise hours are over and now with the Sun rising more and more you know the chances for a last minute run are less and less. You start slowly to pack up your gear and then when you least expect it a melting run bring you back to a Superman-like feeling…..ohh man i’ve been lucky enough to experience this few times and it is one of the best feeling EVER !

All this long introduction is not here just to fill up some space in the blog, but to tell a bit about the last overnight session from our Italian consultant Marco Bortone.
Together with his mate Ivan they went fishing on a big gravel pit, a lovely place with endless features to fish and full of weed nearly all year long.

Over the last few weeks the weather has been really warm for the season we are in many countries across Europe and in the north of Italy as well so they decided to fish a specific area extremely shallow (we are talking about 40/50 cm of depth) near some small reeds islands with soft and silty bottom, after so many days of shining sun there must have been some carp cruising around there at night don’t you agree ?
As you can expect from the introduction the first night went totally flat, no action what so ever, and because the very shallow spot you would not feel that confident to catch any fish during the day…would you ?

Before breakfast time Marco decided to have a short boat tour of the lake to see if there was any carp around, and right in that moment one of the rods went off, but with the boat not available as Marco was out in the lake the fish went into a massive weed bed pulling off the hook, what a bad way to start the day !! But all was not lost, during the boat tour Marco spotted some carp very close to the shallow area they were fishing so they decided to stay few extra hours. About lunch time one more run, this time ended up with a mega beautiful mirror for Ivan.


The two were already more than happy with that fish when another rod decided to rip off, unfortunately another hook pull in the middle of the weed, but Marco managed to keep a positive mood and as the rig and boilie on the rig were still OK he decided not to lose any second, also because it was nearly time to leave, so he dropped the same rig with the same bait in a new spot not too far from where he lost the fish. Well, to make a long story short Marco was posing with a magnificent common less than an hour later, caught exactly with that rod !!


Be positive, be brave and never give up, the chance to score a Golden Goal is alway around the corner !!

By Enrico Parmeggiani & Marco Bortone
Photo credit Marco Bortone & Mark Witte