The project started really small and humble only few months ago and if there is one thing that is crystal clear about our plans for the future since day 1 is that we want to keep our business exclusively between people who are truly passionate about carp angling, people who put passion first and are not into “suit & tie” things.

People like us basically !

And this is why we are extremely happy to start this cooperation with Sebastian Rozwadowski, the founder and mastermind behind the German bait company Black Label Baits.
Sebastian started to roll his first home made boilies back in 1996 and he is a true hard core carp angler, this is clearly visible from the unique and indipendent style of his company !

He have been catching some amazing carp during the years, while rolling tons and tons of high quality baits since 2003, the year he founded Black Label Baits.


His first commercial boilie ever produced was named Monkey Shit, from the name you can imagine the smell of that bait, but boys….how many carp has been caught with that bait is unreal :)  And since then he have added countless high quality product on his carp bait range, helping anglers from every country to catch their dream carp.

Forge Tackle is not (and will not be) into big distribution, from our website we ship to carp anglers all across Europe and from this week our German friends and customers can now shop for our products also at .  Black Label Baits will be our only partner in Germany so all the customers who already shop there will be able to combine top quality baits with some carp tackle as well.

Big up to our good friend Collja who actually started the all thing showing our products to Sebastian, buddy you’re a legend !!

By Enrico Parmeggiani