Ok, why should you shop at  Maybe because you can win a 5 days fishing trip to Orellana in Spain?

Here at Forge Tackle HQ we talk about carp angling 24/7, modern carp fishing is not just our business but it is also our passion, and we love to share fishing experiences and adventures as much as we love to know our customers are happy with our products.

Since the beginning of our project, back in March of this year, we decided to promote our brand in a different way, trying to imagine what would have been the best prize possible to win if we were on the other side of the business, like if we were the customer basically !

A new bag ? Rod holdall ? Rod pod ? Hmmmm….of course every prize is always welcome, any piece of gear that you can get for free is always helpful, but as we are REALLY avid carp anglers these kind of prizes wouldn’t be enough to put us on “ WOOOOWWW” mode. So, what else could we do to make a really exciting give-away promotion ? A fishing trip !! this is what we would love to win, and we are pretty sure most of our customer would be really happy to win such a valuable prize, don’t you agree ?

Being based just 500 meters from the magical lake Bled it was natural for us to start with this destination, and right now we have two happy customers, Giuliano from Italy and Michael from Austria who will soon be our guests for a 3 days fishing trip here in Bled. We really can’t wait to get them here and do some fishing together !


For our third competition we really wanted to do something special, and this time we teamed up with our good friend Pepe Ortega from Spain to set up a special prize for the next lucky customer : a 5 days fishing trip to Orellana, one of the most beautiful and wild lake in Spain with an incredible stock of massive wild carp where the real potential is yet to be discovered, a fishing trip worth 750,00 Euro !!
Pepe is a professional fishing guide and you can visit his Facebook page Carpfishingspain and Orellana Carp web site (


Starting from August 1st to August 31st 2019, all the customers who will place one order in our web store will automatically enter this competition, then during the first week of September we will draw a winner and who could be the lucky one !!

For more info about this prize please visit our website (SUPPORT – GENERAL TERMS & CONDITIONS – SECTION 21 FISHING TRIP COMPETITION).