Photo 1 My current PB common, a fish known as Red October. An original redmire strain common

We are very happy to announce that UK based carp angler James Savage has joined our team, we look very much forward to this new cooperation, James is a truly passionate and dedicated carp angler who spend really a lot of time on the banks and he will play a big role in our future product testing and development. James also have a Youtube channel named “Carpy Adventures” where he talk about his fishing, tackle and tactics, but let’s James introduce himself !!

Photo 2 A lovely hard fighting lower 30 mirror, that couldn't handle the Fluorocarbon Ronnie D rigs.

Hi guys, my names James Savage, ive been fishing since the age of 12 so thats now 16 years! It all started with a crabbing line, a few mates, a river and a worm dug up by hand then followed by my first fish...a perch! Which is probably most anglers first fish. Further down the line a carp was caught and the fire ignited which still shines bright if not brighter today! My love for every aspect of carp fishing runs to the depth of me. i live, eat and breathe it, its my escape from reality, its my hunt, my magnificent obsession and a big part of what makes me, me.


Photo 3 One of my all time favourites, a real character. i called this one domino.

Photo 4 My pb mirror, a beautifully scaled wraysbury carp. Amazingly only a stockie but one thats packed the weight on!

I have my own YouTube channel called 'Carpy Adventures' which i really enjoy doing my vlogs on. Im currently fishing the historic and iconic Wraysbury 1 syndicate chasing the dream of catching the A-team from there. Every day and every session is a opportunity to learn more about the sport i love and im more than grateful for this amazing opportunity. So a huge thanks yo everyone at forge tackle! I hope you all enjoy your own carpy adventures. 

Photo 5 An awesome upper 20 mirror with the frame of a much bigger fish!