Its January and I am off for a 3 day session, the condition are extreme with the temperature dropping to -7 at night and north easterly winds!! but you have got to be in it to win it as they say. I was the only angler on the lake so I had a good look around before picking a swim.

The first night I was lucky enough to land a beautiful 55lb mirror in all its winter glory. The water was cold, the fish did not show much and the lake was freezing at night, making the fishing really complicated.

But once again observations and the right baits can make all the difference. A small little king prawn wafter in a PVA bag with twenty king prawn boilies around it did the job. A nice sharp wide gape straight hook from forge tackle made sure she finished in the net !!

“When you need to hang up all your clothes to dry it usually mean that there has been some serious action !!”

By Danny Stanmore