Here at Forge Tackle we are working really hard on daily basis in order to improve our products, develop new ideas and increase the brand awareness all across Europe, and we know very well that without a team of passionate, experienced and really active carp anglers this would be a pretty difficult task. This week another great angler and we must say really cool guy joined our team, so we are really happy to announce that we have Rok Borštnar now on board as new consultant !

Rok is a really keen carp angler, born and raised in Slovenia, one of the most beautiful countries in Europe with nearly endless possibilities for carp fishing. Rok has a really wide experience and knowledge in carp fishing tactics and tackle, experience he have acquired over time fishing any kind of waters in Slovenia and abroad.

Wild rivers and big lakes are his daily playground so we are sure that all our tackle are tested properly over time !


We look very much forward to this new cooperation and we are sure that having another experienced carp angler like Rok in our team will significantly increase the amount of comments, feed back and new ideas for our product range that we already receive from the rest our consultants all across Europe.


Please give a warm welcome to Rok in our team and if you want to see more of his great pictures and beautiful carp you can visit his Facebook page here :