Or we should say “carp fighting & social media” ? The amount of keyboard fighter and blind rage driven comments we can find while surfing around the most popular social media today are way too much if you ask me, especially because for the vast majority they are based on nothing but purely personal sympathies, rumors without any real foundation heard here and there and so on. It doesn’t matter if we are talking about a product, or a specific angler or what so ever carp related topic, there is and there will always be people waiting behind a keyboard for the right chance to crucify something or someone on the web. I would like to mention a pretty recent example : when Delkim have release their latest version of bite alarm during the Northern Angling Show they have been bombarded of negative comments about the look of the new bite alarm and receiver, and it was absolutely clear that most of these comments were based purely on a first sight impression of a picture (also because there was no info available about the new specs yet), and personally i think this is not that “sharp”. For God sake, you have seen a picture and you have no idea at all about what there is behind that plastic shell, hold on a second !!…. Things changed quickly once Delkim released some more technical information about the new functions (which i personally found brilliant). I’m not here to say people should not express their own opinion, not at all ! If you as a person or as a company join any social media platform you know that people have all the right to express their own opinion, end of the story, but as a human being i personally prefer to consider everything before “crucifying” someone or something on the web.

Anyway, back to the real intention of this little writing : the good part of the social media !! There are many good things in social media if you are able to weigh correctly the importance of it, and for me the ONLY way i use my Facebook and Insta accounts today is to get in touch with people and old friends i can not meet in person and to read, share, learn everything i can about my passion : carp angling. Politics and other things that i feel should only be discussed in real life i normally do my best to keep it that way. For all the rest there is a fantastic option available named “unfollow” that can fix a lot of problem and dramatically improve your social media experience making everything more peaceful and enjoyable !!


I’ve always been curious and fascinated about how the carp fishing world was developing in the US, today we can see a lot of images and finding informations is pretty easy but few years ago it was different. I think around 6 years ago my attention was caught by some pictures of stunning fully scaled carp from the US and since then i’ve always been like “i have to go and fish that lake”.

This magical place happened to be Dale Hollow reservoir, located on the border between Kentucky and Tennessee and for some reason a large part of the carp population of that lake is composed by mega beautiful fully scaled.

And here is where the social media play the top player role. While chatting on Messenger with my Michigan based fellow carp angler Ciprian Muresan i was explaining how badly i wanted to fish that place and in a matter of few months i was on a plane direction Atlanta where Ciprian was waiting for me with the car packed of gear for our 10 days long session in Dale Hollow.

Of course you need to be pretty open minded to embark for an adventure like this, leaving for an intercontinental trip to go fishing 10 days with a person you never met before is probably not everyone’s taste, it could end up horribly or it can turn out as one of the most epic fishing trip of your life, and this has been the case for me !!


By Enrico Parmeggiani
Photo credit Ciprian Muresan