Many of us have been battling our job or study duties for years trying to get as much time as possible to spend on the banks of lakes and rivers following our passion and chasing the carp of our dreams. But at some point we have to face the fact that we have been growing up, we have now a beautiful, lovely family and one or two little ones crawling around the house screaming for some milk all day. Lovely, isn't it ?

I still remember the moment i saw my daughter for the very first soon as the nurse give her to me i felt like a nuclear explosion of emotions and happiness, and it was clear to me that from that moment my life would have changed for better forever. Of course during this period of my life focus on angling was pushed a bit to the corner, i think it's understandable and nothing wrong with that, but the fishing bug was always there, hidden somewhere inside my thoughts, but still there, and of course after the first few weeks totally dedicated to the most important thing of my life the carp fishing bug started to fight back and in no time i was already thinking about how to adjust and re-organize my fishing with the new situation back home !


I must say that i'm really lucky, living just 200 meters from one of the most beautiful lake in Europe helps quite a lot, and sneaking around the lake for a few hours session even 2 or 3 times a week wouldn't have been a big problem, but i knew that wouldn't have been enough for me. How can i spend a few days session in other lakes ? How can i keep travelling and exploring new venues living like a wild boar for a week or more ? This had to be sorted.

There are many ways to get around this if you are living near your parents and relatives, when there is a new born around they are all waiting for nothing but to help out and cuddle the baby, but this is not my case, me and my better half we live abroad and when i'm not home my lady is alone with no other people helping out with the little one, and this can be quite stressful as you can imagine. Especially the first couple of years...

So that's how my fishing trip planning have changed, and i must say after one and half seasons the results has been great, of course always keeping in mind the new situation i have back home.

Variables to consider pre-baby life Variables to consider now with the baby
Is it a big wild lake with big carp ? Is there any carp in this lake ?
Should i set up my camp on a swamp or fish from the boat ? Is there any camping or cabin to rent around the lake ?
I'm ready to deal with the law, i have to fish at night at any cost Day fishing only ? lovely !
I need at least 10 days for this fishing trip 4 days fishing, awesome !

For sure this sounds not right to someone, but honestly i decided to enjoy my little one as much as i could, that's also why i left my previous job, and making some small sacrifice in terms of how i used to fish in order to do that it's actually a pleasure for me. This have allowed me also to explore and experience places and fishing approach i would have most likely ignored in my "previous life".

I mastered the hit and go approach in terms of fishing, gear, baits and timing and this have paid off big time during the last season when with my daughter who was not even one year old i managed to do two fishing trip, one 8 days long and one 5 days long. Of course without the help and support from Giuditta, my lady, this would have not been possible anyway...

Do i miss the long session in the middle of nothing with my fishing mate in search of big wild carp ? Yes of course i do, but honestly, i'm really enjoying fishing the way i'm doing at the moment, i'm enjoying my family, and for sure when the time will be right i'll head back again to the big wild open in search of any carp with no name !

By Enrico Parmeggiani