Developed and produced in cooperation with Maruto Dohitomi, world leading manufacturer of fishing hooks based in Japan with more than a century of experience on the production of high quality fishing hooks, our Continental Curve are designed to deal with the most demanding situations of our big lakes and rivers across Europe and beyond.

We deliberately decided NOT TO FOLLOW today’s trend on carp hooks (ultra long point) with this particular model for a number of reasons. We wanted to create a carp hook that yes is razor sharp but that also will stay razor sharp !

We have used basically every single carp hook available on the market over the last couple of years, yes, these hooks with ultra long and slim point are very sexy and yes they are seriously sharp, but they are so sharp that even the smallest stone or hard rubble on the lake or river bed can easily damage the point, effectively canceling all the benefits of such a feature, resulting in hours waiting for a run with a damaged hook on the other side of the line. Don’t get me wrong, i’m not here saying long points or sharpened hooks are not good, not at all, as a matter of fact we are also working on some new projects that include hooks with a very long point, but we believe these products have their own specific use and for other situations like fishing big wild river and lakes where carp haven’t been already hooked 100 times they are not really the right choice.


Back to our Continental Curve hooks, they feature a progressive taper point of medium length and medium barb, with a smooth and strong PTFE coating to finish this ultra strong forged hook. With the unique shape of this hook is possible to create a number of different presentation, it really is a versatile hook !! Stiff D-rig, KD rig, Blow-out rig, Slip D-rig or the simple and always effective non-knot hair rig are all perfectly suitable solutions to use the Continental Curve. Let’s not forget the Ronnie rig by the way, with his 15 degree in turner eye you will have a really aggressive and effective presentation.


The Continental Curve is the right hook if you are targeting big wild fish and you want to be sure that your presentation is supported from a razor sharp hooks that actually STAY SHARP, even when your rig is punched in every direction from nuisance fish trying to bite your bait. Chub, rudd, bream, all these small fish can really make a mess around our rigs, we all know that, and if this happen on a lake with hard debris on the bottom you better be sure not to use a hook with a super long and slim point because most likely you will be left with a blunt point after few hours !!

By Enrico Parmeggiani