Yes, i’m pretty sure you already heard this sentence in some blockbuster movie about a special ring, but now we are talking about a different kind of precious which is anyway really important for all of us : hookbaits !
Personally i’m one of the carp angler who don’t feel really comfortable to leave home without a good selection of hookbaits of any size, shape, color and flavor. Funny thing is that 99% of the times I always use the same 2 or 3, but having a wide selection with me makes me feel more “safe”….you know, just in case !!

In our sport there are countless variables that can lead us to success or not, and for sure the presentation and the hookbait are in the front position, so no wonder why we all take maniacal care on the preparation and preservation of our hookbaits.

One of the most important thing to do is to keep them fresh and cool during the summer months, and this is exactly why we decided to include an insulated wall inside our Forge Hookbait Bag.

Especially when you have pop up or wafter supercharged in attractors and flavors there is nothing worse to do to let them overheat, this could heavily affect the attractive property of your precious hookbait and this can easily happen during the warmest summer day.

It’s not rocket science for sure, but with our Forge Hookbait bag you can be sure that your precious hookbaits will be safe in every season of the year !

Some technical info :

Ideal solution to store up to 12 different hookbaits

Internal thermal lining - keep your hookbaits fresh

Supplied complete of 12 pot with watertight closure

Pot dimensions : H8,3cm Dia. 6,5cm

10mm heavy duty zipper with metallic zipper puller

Internal divider

Dimensions : W24cm H20cm D15cm

Available exclusively in our web store at 19,99 Eur !

By Enrico Parmeggiani