Of course this is a question that you could ask yourself with a lot of material that we are using nowadays for carpfishing. Why? Cause of course not one situation is the same with fishing. For example I would never use a normal rodpod or in this case a mini pod while fishing close to snags and with pretty “locked up rods!”
That’s asking for serious trouble right away. You don’t want to see the whole setup, after a straight “melterrr”, disappearing in to your favorite venue. So there you have one “no no!”
On the other side while fishing just a few hours, a quick overnighter or even like a week and you have enough “playground” to “fight” a mini pod is a good alternative to place your rods nice and tidy in “attack-modus!”

And to be really honest the days of using all those heavy, backbreaking mega pods are over already. And I don’t even want to talk about being some kind of construction worker to set it up properly. No! Way to difficult and time is not only money but also fish. Yes. Indeed! All that time together counted up while having a serious struggle with “oldschool big ones” is time I could certainly catch a few more…


So there’s your answer. Yes. It does make sense. But of course as I said before in certain situations. Another one is of course using it for some Urban fishing on concrete and stuff like that where unless you have an electric drill with you banksticks are a no go. Especially if you want to move quick from one to another spot and if there’s not a lot of space. Like under bridges and short sides next to canals. Not convinced yet?
Then check the weight, transport length, price wise of course and all this complete with a carry bag.

Here some details from our MINI POD X :
Ideal to fish with 2 rods but 3 rods buzzer bar are supplied as well : 35cm front and 32cm back
Adjustable main bar from 40cm to 62cm
Adjustable legs from 18cm to 27cm
Buzzer bars support length 17.5cm
Total weight 1250g

Carry bag included Available only in our webstore at the incredible price of 34,99 Eur.

“Go mini or go home!”



By Felix van der Marel