Today you don’t see many carp anglers around who do not use floating slings, a product which, quite often, is not used correctly to be honest. We need to keep in mind that floating slings are made to be used for short – temporary accommodation of the carp, carp sack are the correct ones to be used if you want to keep the fish for longer time as it help the fish to calm down on the bottom of the lake and provide a much less stressful situation for the fish.


Here at Forge Tackle we really try to promote the best fish care possible and this is one of the reason why we do not have and we will not have carp sacks in our product range, we believe floating slings are the way to go, but they need to be used in the right way : for a very short period of time !!


One downside of the floating slings is that most of them are pretty bulky and long to carry around. Some people don’t care about this (this is why we also have a standard non-foldable version), other people (like us) do, and trying to have the most compact and easy to carry around gear set up is extremely important.

This is why we have decided to create our Specimen Retention Sling Foldable, a super spacious floating sling made with the best materials around and top features which can be folded in half, reducing drastically the transport sizes.


When we started this project we have been considering every single aspect, our goal was to create a top quality sling at very affordable price, so we were not sure we would have been able to reach our target price with the addition of the folding feature, but with some effort here and there we managed to get there, and we can proudly say now that at the moment there is not better value-for-money floating sling around !!

Available exclusively at at 39,99 Euro !




Foldable design - extremely compact to transport
Ultra soft and quick dry mesh
Reinforced webbings and handles
Can be used as weigh sling
Fixed weighing loops
Four oversized floater with reflective tape
Supplied with cord and thread connection for banksticks
Supplied with nylon sleeve
Dimensions W125cm H65cm D30cm
Transport size W68cm H10cm D20cm
Weight (carry bag included) 1450g