As carp anglers we have all been through some storage problems at some point, especially inside the car it could be a bit of a problem sometimes when we have to drive home after some time spent fishing under the rain or even worse in a muddy swim.


Yes, of course there are many way to deal with this problem and one i’m sure it is worth to mention is to use our Forge Utility Box. Why ? Simply because it is a truly multi purpose storage unit that every carp angler could benefit in many different ways. The Utility Box is supplied with two different inner bags : a insulated bag with zip closure and another one made in durable PVC, totally waterproof and with open top. Using the Utility Box with the insulated inner bag is a really good solution to store food and drinks for the long session of just for the week end, keeping all your supplies safe from rodents and any nasty crawler around.


The insulated bag is also a very good option to store your baits during the warmest days of the year ! When not in use the Utility Box can be collapsed and it take basically no space, that’s why i always have a couple of them in the trunk of my car.


I use them in combination with the waterproof PVC inner bag so it doesn’t matter how wet or dirt i am when i pack up my gear to go home i simply throw everything inside, sacks, waders, boots, pants, you name it….. and i’m sure i don’t have to deal with a single drop of stinky fluid or mud, which is really nice to be honest !!


By the way, if you drive an old car or van like i do the Utility Box can be used as emergency triangle as well !!

Multi functional storage unit

Supplied with two additional internal containers

Dimensions : W47cm H22,5cm D34,5cm

Dimensions closed : W47cm H5,5cm D34,5cm

Total weight (internal bags included) 1,910Kg

Available only in our webstore at the incredible price of 29,99 Eur.



By Enrico Parmeggiani