Oh well, this is very much down to our personal opinion, but i believe our Forge Hydra Insulated Bait Bag have something that really stands out from the crowd !

First of all i really love the sturdy construction, 1,5mm thick wall and 3mm thick bottom makes this bag literally bombproof, and thanks to the hard walls it is way more easy and handy to use compared to a classic “floppy” insulated bait bag made in standard fabric and the waterproofness is second to none.


The removable upper section can be used to store a large amount of hookbait pots, glugs and other stuff. Thanks to the aluminum inner lining all your precious hookbaits will stay cool and protected from the heat during the summer months and this is a very important point i believe.

Down to the main compartment we find another new and unique feature which i really love : a small inner tray that can be fitted on the upper edge of the main compartment. This little thing has multiple uses : you can use it to keep handy all your baiting tools and favorite hookbaits, ready PVA sticks, or like i do you can use it as a micro bowl to mix whatever you need to create your PVA sticks or bags. Thanks to the seamless construction this little tray is totally waterproof so no problem to put oils or attractors when you want to boost your presentation.

The inner tray can be left fitted on the main bag (which have a capacity of around 8Kg of 16mm boilies) also when you need to close it, so if the rain start to pour down you can simply zip on the top and you’re good to go, even if you have ready PVA sticks inside they will stay safe and dry from the elements.


Conclusions : yeah…to make a long story short this is just another bait bag, but with definitely something more !!

Here some more technical details :

Virtually indestructible made from 1,5mm EVA with twin layer (3mm thick EVA) reinforced bottom

Totally insulated, keep you baits and hookbaits fresh and safe


Detachable insulated hookbait bag

10mm heavy duty zipper

Removable inner tray

Can store up to 8Kg of 16mm boilies and 15 pots of hookbaits

Main bag dimensions : W36cm H23cm D24cm

Hookbait bag dimensions : W36cm H9,5cm D24cm

Inner tray dimensions : W21cm H5cm D15cm

Total weight 1,850k

You can find the Hydra Insulated Bait Bag exclusively in our web store at 54,99 Eur.



By Enrico Parmeggiani