Here i am, talking about something i would have never took into consideration until some time ago : the Forge Tackle Bank Furnace !




My fishing style and philosophy is all about being effective and to always have only what is strictly necessary to let me catch some carp, sometimes even the chair is too much to carry around for me, so you can imagine a barbeque!!! When I first saw this barbecue between me and myself I thought, "Now that's cool! It's a pity I'll use it very little!". As a matter of fact I imagined a sporadic use, maybe only during the longer sessions where you have anyway to bring with you loads of gear, a foldable BBQ would not effect the overall volume to move around that much!!



Oh well, i couldn't be more wrong than that, this thing is so compact and so simple to use that now it is part of my every day fishing gear ! It pack away perfectly flat inside the carry bag which is supplied and then once i want to grill some meat i can either use any woods i find around my swim or charcoal, and believe me, when the meat is grilled on natural fire instead of a gas grill the result and the taste is different, really different. If you are a bit into BBQ you know what i'm talking about !!




So, i must say that the result you can get for such a small extra accessory to carry around is great, and you can have a proper BBQ for 3 or 4 person, of course depending on how hungry you are!  As for cleaning, nothing could be simpler, once it has cooled down, just open the side door and empty it from ash, job done ! Always make sure the stainless steel structure is cold and there is no fire left when you want to clean it up, and always pour a bit of water over the ashes, just in case...




The Forge Bank Furnace has been designed in a very clever way, it's not only the easiest and fastest one to set up but it also has a minimum heat dispersion. And this is a very important point, especially during the coldest months it allow me to enjoy a bit more time outside without having to hide myself inside the sleeping bag right after dinner to escape from the cold.


I'm pretty sure we can all agree that having a proper dinner with your fishing mate is a great thing, even more when it's healthy, tasty, and easy to prepare !!


And of course this BBQ is good not just for fishing but it can be used back home as well or while camping with your friends !! After few months using the Forge Bank Furnace i simply can not recommend it enough !!


By Marco Bortone